PRESS RELEASE 10/13/2020

October 13, 2020

Kyle Schaffer Returns Home From Duty.

Kyle SchafferBakke Norman is incredibly happy to welcome home Attorney (Captain) Kyle Schaffer from his deployment to Afghanistan as an Infantry Company Commander with Alpha Company 1-128th Infantry Battalion. While deployed, Kyle served as a Base Defense Commander and Company Commander over his soldiers and multiple Platoons of Polish Infantry which performed missions as Guardian Angels for the 3rd Security Force Assistance Brigade, as well as mortar support throughout the Area of OperaLons. After completing the 13 month mobilization, Kyle was welcomed home by his wife and two daughters. Kyle looks forward to providing quality legal representaLon in family law and civil litigation to the communities that Bakke Norman has the privilege to support.


Press Release 09-15-2020

Sept 15, 2020



Deanne Koll, an attorney and shareholder with Bakke Norman Law OfficesDeanne Koll, an attorney and shareholder with Bakke Norman Law Offices, has accepted an appointment to the Board of Administrative Oversight, a Wisconsin Supreme Court Committee. Appointed by court order on June 29, 2020, Koll was pleased to accept the nomination. “This appointment furthers my commitment to the legal profession, and I welcome the challenge of refining our self-regulated system”, says Koll. The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s committee on the Board of Administrative Oversight monitors the fairness, effectiveness and efficiency of the attorney regulation system in the state and proposes substantive and procedural rules related to the system for the Supreme Court of Wisconsin’s consideration. Koll will serve a three-year term.