Specialty Law Services

We are not a cookie-cutter law firm – you won’t find our specialty law services everywhere. People, businesses and municipalities often come to us when they don’t know where to turn, only to find that we have legal experience in what they need. Each of our attorneys bring a specialized focus, giving you a uniquely qualified legal perspective. And our promise – Genuine People, Accomplished Attorneys, Exceptional Advice – exactly defines who we are.
At Bakke Norman, you get outstanding representation by a trusted friend or neighbor who understands your legal need. You won’t find a better group anywhere to represent you. Take a look below to find the area that best suits your need. You will find corresponding attorneys dedicated to those areas within the links below.

  • Family & Closely-Held Businesses
  • Municipality Law
  • Community Lending
  • Farming Law

Family & Closely-Held Businesses

Family-owned businesses are unique. We understand the special family business dynamics and can assist you with your legal business challenges, such as finance and management issues, taxation, and estate planning. We can also help you develop succession plans for the orderly transfer of management or business assets. These plans may include capital restructuring, buy-sell agreements, or the creation of new entities or trusts.
If your family business is just starting, we can help you choose the right business structure and create thorough documentation for the business’s operation. These documents ensure that co-owners understand their rights, duties and obligations to the business and to each other. If your family business is experiencing problems, we can review any existing business agreements and advise and facilitate negotiations or other alternative dispute resolution options.

ATTORNEYS: Tom Schumacher, Jason Brasch, Tammy Skoglund

Municipal Law

Local communities have a wide range of legal needs. Whether a school district wants to have a referendum, a police commission faces difficult grievance issues, or a city, village, or town needs assistance with a complex zoning or ordinance matter, we can help. We offer arrangements suitable for a municipality seeking comprehensive, ongoing assistance; a town board of review needing assistance on a particular assessment challenge; or a small municipality desiring to have on-call counsel available as issues arise. 
Bakke Norman’s team of litigators can also represent all your municipality’s interests in state and federal hearings and courts. Whether bringing actions for your city, village, town or school district or defending the actions of your officials, our team can protect the interests of your municipality or school district.

ATTORNEYS: Terry Dunst, Jason Brasch, Paul Mahler

Community Lenders

In good times and in bad, financial institutions face a variety of legal issues on a daily basis. We have a combined 45+ years of experience in helping lenders throughout the lending and collection processes, from assuring accurate loan documentation and perfection of security interests at the inception of the loan to foreclosure, replevin and collection of deficiency judgments. Our understanding of the financial industry allows us to deliver perceptive and dedicated attention to each matter. We also offer in-house education to assist financial institutions and train their lenders and staff on current issues and changing laws.
Bakke Norman attorneys also work with local lenders to assess positions and litigate issues that arise in bankruptcy matters, state receivership and renegotiating loan restructures and workout agreements.

ATTORNEYS: Deanne Koll, Tom Schumacher

Farming Law

Farms and other agribusinesses come with their own particular concerns. Bakke Norman attorneys have experience in farm-related legal issues, and a unique understanding of the challenges you face on a daily basis. Whether you are a crop farmer seeking to transition your operation to your children while minimizing tax consequences, or a dairy farmer planning to expand, our transactional attorneys can assist you in reaching your goals.

ATTORNEYS: Tammy Skoglund