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Tim O'Brien
Pete Reinhardt
Deanne Koll
Kyle Schaffer

In most business disputes, litigation should be a last resort. A lawsuit can be time consuming and expensive, with an outcome that is often difficult to predict. But when your business has no alternative, there is no substitute for having the full resources of a skilled and experienced legal team on your side. Our business litigators have over 90 years of combined courtroom experience, and have been recognized by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, The Best Lawyers in America, and Super Lawyers. Our record of success includes verdicts and settlements in our clients’ favor exceeding $1 million. Just as important, we have protected our business clients from claims and lawsuits filed against them.

Our business litigators benefit from the close relationship they maintain with other Bakke Norman attorneys providing business and tax advice. This gives our litigators a perspective that is often missing when a business owner or manager approaches a law firm with a problem. We always keep in mind that litigation decisions must be made with the long-term health of your business in mind. We negotiate where appropriate and litigate when necessary. This policy insures our clients are in the best possible position to determine the proper course of action for their particular case.

If your business has an issue that you believe might lead to litigation, please remember that there are usually strict time limits in which a legal claim must be made. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about your business’s legal rights or obligations.

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