Bits & Bytes

B&B - No EditionNEWS YOU CAN USE. Bakke Norman is committed to providing its clients and communities with timely and topical information. We recognize that in today’s fast-paced world, you may not have a half day to attend a seminar or even a half hour to read a 4-page newsletter.

With that in mind, we are launching Bakke Norman’s Bits & Bytes, a series of videos that, in under 5 minutes, will give you news you can use.

The Lender Edition of Bits & Bytes is specifically focused on issues that arise for lenders, such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, regulations and other collection issues.

The Business Edition of Bits & Bytes is focused on common issues encountered by businesses and business owners throughout the business life cycle, from creation of the business to the transition of the business-either by sale or related-party transfer. The Business Edition also includes information to address the day-to-day challenges of running a business, such as employment issues, new law developments and tax planning.

We hope you enjoy the videos and truly get some news you can use.

Lender Edition:

August, 2014

What is a 341 Hearing in Bankruptcy?

September, 2014

What is the Wisconsin Consumer Act?

October, 2014

What is the Confirmation of Sale Hearing?

November, 2014

One of My Customers Filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Now What?

December, 2014

Why Do I Need to File a UCC-1?

January, 2015

My Borrower Got Divorced. Now What?

February, 2015

When Do I Need a Writ of Replevin to Pick up Personal Property?

March, 2015

How Long Does a Foreclosure Take?

April, 2015

How Do I Determine What to Bid at Sheriff’s Sale?

June, 2015

How Do I Obtain a Security Interest in Personal Property?

July, 2015

What Should I Consider When Determining Whether to Waive Deficiency in a Foreclosure?

August, 2015

What is a “No Asset Bankruptcy”?

September, 2015

When Do I Have to Send a Notice of Right to Cure?

November, 2015

How Do Marital Property Rules Affect my Ability to Collect on a Debt?

January, 2016

Should I Request That a Receiver Be Appointed in my Foreclosure Action?

February, 2016

Why Should I Have my Customer Reaffirm in Bankruptcy?

April, 2016

How Do I Collect on My Judgment?

May, 2016

What Should You Do When You Receive Notice to File a Claim in a Customer’s Bankruptcy?

June, 2016

When is a UCC-1 Insufficient for Perfection?

August, 2016

 When Can I Stop Sending a Notice of Right to Cure?

October, 2016

What Are the Changes to the 2016 Law on the Foreclosure Rules in Wisconsin?

March, 2017

When Does the Law Prohibit Me from Collecting My Attorney’s Fees?

October, 2017

What Notices Do I Have to Send Before I Dispose of Repossessed Collateral?

Business Edition:

Business Succession Planning – Part I

Business Succession Planning – Part II

Business Succession Planning – Part III