Our personal law services cater to individuals and families. You’ll find our attorneys are truly the best the region. Perhaps more important is that we are genuine people first. This is extremely important in personal legal matters. Our promise – Genuine People, Accomplished Attorneys, Exceptional Advice – exactly defines who we are. At Bakke Norman, you get outstanding representation by a trusted professional who understands your situation. Each of our attorneys specializing in personal law gives you a uniquely qualified perspective. You won’t find a better group anywhere to represent you or your family. Take a look below to find the area that best suits your need. You will find corresponding attorneys dedicated to those areas within the links below.

  • Personal Estate & Probate
  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury
  • Family Law
  • Employment Law
  • Title Insurance

Personal Estate & Probate

From simple wills to complex trusts, our estate planning team is ready to create the right estate plan for you and your family. We offer estate planning solutions to help you achieve your goals, whether you seek to avoid probate, minimize taxes, or provide for future generations. In the estate planning realm, trusts are becoming an increasingly common tool for management, protection and distribution of assets. Our attorneys can help you form, fund and administer a wide variety of trusts, ranging from simple revocable trusts to more complex irrevocable trusts. Bakke Norman’s estate team can also help you handle a probate or other estate administration and guide you with care and consideration to help achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

ATTORNEYS: Terry DunstTammy Skoglund, Tom Schumacher, Jason Brasch 

Criminal Defense

Bakke Norman criminal defense attorneys aggressively defend individuals being investigated for, or charged with, a crime. From disorderly conduct and drunken driving charges to serious felonies, such as homicide, sexual assault and drug-related crimes, we have the knowledge and experience to defend you and protect your rights. Wisconsin Super Lawyers has recognized our criminal defense team for its record of success. If you have been accused of a crime, you need a trial lawyer with knowledge and experience in this complex area before you speak to the police. If you have been arrested, tell the officer you wish to remain silent until your Bakke Norman attorney arrives.


Personal Injury

If you are injured in an automobile accident, a farming mishap, through medical negligence, or as a result of a defective product, Bakke Norman personal injury trial lawyers can assist and protect you. Our attorneys have over 65 years of combined courtroom experience, include a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist, and have successfully handled thousands of cases. The vast majority of these cases are referrals from current and past clients, doctors, chiropractors, other attorneys and individuals who know us. Although personal injury cases are often settled without a jury trial, our attorneys always prepare with an eye toward proving each case in court. This preparation leads to better results for our clients.

ATTORNEYS: Dave Schoenberger, Tim O'Brien

Family Law

Whether you need help with a divorce, custody or placement of your child, support or post-divorce issues, our family law team offers experienced, confidential and professional assistance. Family law can be contentious and emotionally charged. Our experience aids our clients in getting through an intense and difficult period while building a base for the future. We also have attorneys skilled in drafting enforceable premarital agreements, something more and more couples are considering. These agreements may be important in second marriages where parties want to exercise control over assets provided to their children, or in any marriage where there are substantial assets owned by one or both parties. A well-drafted premarital agreement can prevent misunderstandings and allow the parties to design their own financial future.

ATTORNEYS: Jeff Cormell

Employment Law

In good times and in bad, businesses and their employees face a variety of legal issues. We have a combined 40 years of experience representing both employers and employees, allowing us the unusual advantage of understanding how both sides in the employment relationship think, work and act. For employers, we focus on a proactive approach to prevent problems from occurring in the workplace. Our attorneys offer full-service representation to employers, including employee manual audits, compliance advice and providing tools to prevent potential claims by employees. Our employment attorneys have an established record of successfully representing employees in actions against current and former employers. We handle discrimination, harassment and retaliation cases, specifically those based on gender, age, disability, race and other protected statuses. We also handle wage and hour claims, Equal Pay Act claims, and claims for violations of disability laws and family medical leave laws in both state and federal court.

ATTORNEYS: Pete Reinhardt, Dave Schoenberger

Title Insurance

Through its association with Attorney’s Title Guaranty Fund, Bakke Norman is able to provide a full range of title services. These include the drafting of deeds and other real estate documents, providing both Owner’s and Lender’s title insurance commitments and policies; construction payment escrow services, and handling closing of various real estate transactions.

ATTORNEYS: Jason Brasch